3 comments on “No Love For The Rogue Assassin

  1. It really makes sense, they should have never done it to start with. Rogue is nothing more than a cash in, and you can tell it.
    Ubisoft should have not worried about last gen. Unity looks great though, I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I’m still waiting for them to beat AC2, which is still my favorite.

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    • Yeah. Rogue is really coming off as a cash-in, and a mediocre one at that. As for Unity, my experience so far in it feels like previous entries in the AC series, but with multiplayer missions littered throughout the map.

      I need to spend more time in it for a solid opinion, but as it stands, it’s lukewarm at best. A step backwards from what AC: Black Flag was.

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      • That’s disappointing to hear about Unity, it was looking good. I think the series would be better off without mp tbh. O well, I guess we will just see how everything plays out, hopefully it will be better than what we think.

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