4 comments on “Score Predictions: Novemeber Edition

  1. I’m excited about far Cry for the most part. The only one I’m a little turned off on right now is Assassins Creed. I loved that game so much when it first came out, and now, it almost feels like they just make it to bring in dollars. It doesn’t seem as entertaining as it used to, but I will say, i more than likely will buy it anyways just because I love the story lines.

    Super Smash Bros is going to be pure epicness!

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    • I hear you about AC. Seems like they are milking it dry, but the series progression is far better than what I’m seeing in other annually-released titles. Cheers to Smash Bros, too. Makes me want a Wii U!

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      • Yeah seriously! I agree with you on the series progression. I will say there’s one game I was extremely excited about, Destiny, but it has become a huge let down now that it has led to just farming and fighting the same events. Pvp is awesome but other than that it’s pretty flat now. I’m going to download the dlc in December but I have a feeling by then Destiny will just be another fad in the past. Lol

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